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What Is Landscaping Gardening?

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The green spaces are always a good place for peace and quiet. The fact that they are tended and they look good adds to the sense of peace. Landscape gardening is a relaxing occupation and it deals with designing public places (and even private outdoor areas). In the case of parks, it is all about making sure that the public has proper seating, lighting and the children have their own playground.
The origins of the trend go back in the eighteenth century. The royal families loved to have their palace gardens look great. This meant that they have a decadent look and there were people who were in charge to make it perfect for the nobles and royalty.

The first exquisite gardens were those from Versailles and Blenheim Palace. After that, almost all other royal families wanted to have this type of gardening for their own. From the beginning of the nineteenth century, the planning of the urban areas was something which was popular in most cities. Since then people of all kinds were preoccupied with the landscaping gardening and this meant that they will invest time and energy in making the outdoors look good.

But landscaping gardening is not only for public places. Its principles can be applied with success in the case of private properties that have to look great. Actually a well-tended green space is a pleasure to be in and this is why individual people invest so much in this whole thing.

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