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Top Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean

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Top Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture CleanIf you own a patio, it’s probably littered with outdoor furniture. You understand the importance of keeping your patio clean as well as organized. You want to make sure that everything is neat and tidy so that it looks as presentable as can be. Below are some tips on how to clean and organize your patio properly without having to spend an incredible amount of money.

Store Your Furniture

If it’s cold and windy, the likelihood of you spending time outside is slim to none. If you leave your furniture out in the open, they’re subjected to the mercy of the elements. This could mean thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and high winds. When dry, place a cover that’s sturdy over your furniture and wrap it around the legs or at some anchor point so they stay tidy. Your outdoor furniture cushions should be placed inside a storage unit as they can fall over the place and become relatively dirty.

Clean Your Furniture

Using mild dishwashing soap or other formulated products, carefully clean each table and furniture piece and allow it to fully air dry. For outdoor foam cushions, be wary of the manufacturer’s recommendation as sometimes they are not machine-washable and must be treated in a certain way to prevent full damage.

Keep Your Storage Place Dry

Your cushions will tend to last longer if you store them in a place that is dry and clean, free from bugs and debris. If you store them outdoors, they will most likely attract bugs and have mildew growing on them.

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