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The Underrated Stylish Features of Door Hardware

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The-Underrated-Stylish-Features-of-Door-HardwareBeyond the typical duties of the average hardware of a door like hinges, knobs, and other components, they actually have a style of their own that adds to the overall appearance of the door itself. While many homeowners just replace the entire door without having to worry about the little tidbits and parts, by switching out the hardware, you can end up with a completely different look and feel for your door.


There are several different styles and finishes when it comes to hardware. Take a look at your local hardware store to scope out what would match your door the best. Things like ornate locksets to stylish marble knobs are gorgeous on its’ own. Don’t let these little changes overwhelm you as they’re only a small part of the entire picture. Consider the hardware as a complement to your door.


First off, the primary functionality of a lock is to secure your door and not have to worry about burglars just strolling through. That being said, make sure it stays secure. It’s not wise to sacrifice safety for style. These locksets are out in the open, so they remain both a visual and tangible presence on the base of your door. They should be chosen with an eye toward style.

There are various distinguishing factors that you’re going to need to choose from.

What type of lockset do you want – cylindrical or mortise? Also, is for the interior of your home or the exterior? The exterior should typically be of a higher quality for security purposes. Also, does it include a lock built in, and if so, how strong is it? Be sure to keep an eye out for cheaply made locks that could open with a single kick to the frame. If necessary, you can also change out the locks if you have a feel for the style already set.

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