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The Basics of Landscaping

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Landscaping does not have to be a complicated affair. As long as you follow some basic landscaping rules, you can create a garden landscape. Here are a few rules you should follow:


  1. Take stock of your garden/yard. Everything you can or can’t will depend on how it is laid out. See what you like and don’t like about it and then you can work later on fixing what you don’t like and emphasizing what you do. These early stages are the most important.
  2. Now start drawing up your landscaping plan. Base this plan around the details you observed in the first step. You can hide or remove features you don’t like and enhance those that you do. Draw it out. Do not make the mistake of visualizing in your head.
  3. Now take the plan you came up with and consult others before you finalize the plan and design. Chances are that someone else might see something you don’t, saving you a lot of trouble down the line.
  4. Now the hardest part. You need to find plants and trees that fit your plan. You will need to choose specific plants for specific parts and requirements you have. For example, you might want taller trees for a section, but if that side gets a lot of shade then you will need to find plant that can grow with limited sunlight.
  5. Finally, go to your local nurseries and buy the plants and get to work on the yard. This is where you put the plan you drew in step two to work and make it a reality.

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