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Luxurious Estate Landscape Design

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Luxurious Estate Landscape Design

Article by Allen Quay

While estate landscape design may invoke thoughts of straight lines, sharply angled labyrinths, and thousands of rolling acres of landscaped nature, modern estate gardens are much more unique and may be any size. Whether you’re planning a private country garden design on a few acres or an expansive Tuscan estate landscape covering miles of countryside, there are several common design elements that can make your estate garden both beautiful and functional.

Estate Hardscape Design

Estate gardens are ideal for outdoor entertaining, especially with carefully planned hardscape features that make your outdoor space more functional. Choose paving materials that complement the overall style of your home, opting for high quality materials like flagstone, bluestone, and brick, and consider these elements:

Oversized drive corridors can provide easy access to your estate from the road.A circular driveway provides a trouble-free entry as well as exit and adds elegance to your home.Large gatherings require ample parking space. A motor court allows plenty of space for guests and can also store RVs, boats, and other vehicles.Patios, terraces, and courtyards are important hardscape elements as well, making your outdoor living rooms more functional and enjoyable.

Intriguing Plants for Estate Gardens

It is quite common to see elaborate and unique planting designs for shrubs and evergreens throughout an estate landscape design. These elegant garden styles can be integrated with other types of gardens for a colorful landscape full of variety. Consider:

Knot gardens feature shaped evergreens grown in distinguishable square plots. These clean, formal gardens can be created in any size and are colorful and fragrant, including a variety of plants like chamomile, violas, and thyme.Parterres were first seen in 16th century estate gardens in France and are a variation of the knot gardens seen in the UK. Parterres are generally made up of four symmetrical planting areas containing pruned shrubs and separated with light gravel walkways.Labyrinths are another traditional estate garden element. Created with tall evergreens and pruned hedges, labyrinths are ideal for secluded outdoor living rooms that offer a sophisticated and mysterious style.Classic topiaries with geometrical shapes and unusual figures can be integrated throughout the estate. Boxwoods, cypress, and other easy to shape evergreens may accent patios, courtyards, and labyrinths.Flower gardens of colorful perennials or fragrant roses, as well as vibrant and functional vegetable and herb gardens, can also be part of your private estate garden.

Outdoor Accessories and Accents for Estate Gardens

While plants and fascinating gardens are essential parts of a luxurious estate garden design, the accessories and decor are just as important. Create outdoor living rooms throughout your landscape for entertaining and for personal relaxation. Select outdoor furniture in elegant styles that complement the overall theme of your property and consider the purposes your outdoor space will serve, as well as your personal interests, to incorporate the best additions.

Garden structures, like gazebos, open-air loggias, and pergolas, can enhance your outdoor living areas while providing comfortable seating and activity space. An elegant orangey can house exotic citrus plants in cool seasons and adds charm to your landscape throughout the year. Water features, sculptures, and fencing are other elements that may be incorporated into your estate landscape design.

Whether you are planning a landscape design for a small estate or creating a garden for a hundred acres, a professional landscape designer can help you create an estate landscape design that makes the most of your property.

About the Author

Allen Quay is a professional landscape designer in the Southern California area and specializes in custom high-end landscape design and construction. You can find more valuable landscape design tips and information on Allen’s website, the Landscape Design Advisor.

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