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How to compost

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landscapegardenideaOn average American household throw away 20% of their food. If these food scraps were used for compost most landfills would be lighter and our gardens would be greener. Here’s step by step guide on how to compost.

Start by using an old plastic, metal or wooden container without a bottom. Your container should hold about 80-100 gallons. Place the container in a shady area on the ground. On your kitchen counter place a small container with a lid to collect compost items while you cook. You can add anything from fruit peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, newspaper, dead leaves and leftover vegetables. (avoid animal products & oil)

Once you’ve started adding to your compost watch the moisture levels. Your compost should be damp not soaking. If it’s too wet add some shredded newspaper and if it’s too dry add some water.

To reduce the smell add dry leaves to the top of the compost and cover food scraps with old compost.

Your compost should be ready for use in about 4-6 months. Look for the compost to turn dark brown or black in color. Once most of your compost is the right color, you can remove the bin and let the compost break down. When starting a new batch of compost, place your bin in a different area.

If you don’t have the space to compost in your yard, you could collect your recycled food scraps and hand it over to your local department of public works or a Farmer’s Market.

When using your compost, think of it as your soils daily vitamins. Mix it with your garden soil, or add it to your potted plants and see your garden flourish.

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