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How to Become a Construction Expert Witness

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A construction expert witness has knowledge of all aspects of the construction industry. From construction accidents and building codes to compliance and defects, this type of witness can assist in a variety of construction legal cases that go to litigation.  Becoming an expert construction witness can take a considerable amount of time and effort due to the extensive knowledge the candidate needs to learn.

What You Need to Know

According to Lyle Charles Consulting, it can take years to learn everything there is to know about construction. Even though some witnesses specialize in a certain field of construction, the basics that every witness should learn include:

  • Regulations
  • Cost Estimates
  • Investigations
  • Construction Safety
  • Construction Quality

A construction consulting services company will offer experts that have knowledge in every construction category necessary to help with a case.

The Process of Becoming an Expert Construction Witness

The first step to becoming a construction witness is to learn the basics of building and construction code. This can be done by taking classes at a local college.  Then, choose a specific construction area of interest and find a company that specializes in construction advisory services to see if they’ll allow you to learn first hand how to be a witness.  Once you’ve gained enough knowledge in construction and have worked a few cases under supervision, you’ll be ready to handle major construction legal cases on your own as an expert witness.

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