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Creating a container garden

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Container gardens are the new rage, mainly because they create interest and save space. Creating a container garden can be fun, since you can use plant combinations to create more interest. If you’re using a variety of plants, just remember to give each plant sufficient space to grow.


Here are the rules of thumb for creating your very own container garden.

Balance and contrast – To create a balanced container garden, your pot should be sized to your site and your plant should be sized to your pot. Which means that if you have a small plant(s) they would look better in a smaller pot. If you have a large deck, a larger pot would create interest. Choose plants that are at least two times larger in height than the pot. If you like simple plants, choose a slightly flashy pot and vise versa. To create balance have one or a few tall plant(s), a filler plant and a trailing plant.

Creating color – The colors you choose should match your garden space/site. If your looking to create a modern look, go for bold pots in simple designs. You could even include a variety of pots in bright, bold, contrasting colors. To create a calm garden feel, go with different shades of the same color (example; shades of orange/blue). If you want to show off your pot, avoid trailing plants all together.

Create a focal point – It’s important that you create a focal point for your container garden. Do this by planting the larger leafy plants at the centre or to one side of the pot. You can then plant the rest of your plants around your focal point plant (for example, think of a pot of black bamboo in the centre).


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