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4 Questions About Flower Bed Mulching Answered

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While it’s common knowledge that a healthy garden requires soil, water and fertilizer, mulch can make these components work together for the best results.

But that’s not enough for first-time users when it comes to matters pertaining to mulch. So here are 4 question about flower bed mulching:

Question #1: Why should we mulch?

Apart from getting the aforementioned components to work together, mulching is good for a number of reasons. Some of them include retaining moisture, suppressing weeds, fertilizing the soil, keeping soils and roots cool while adding a decorative element to flower bed.

Question #2: Which soils benefit most from mulch?

It must be said that both sandy and clay soils require mulch in the garden. Mulch help sandy soils to retain moisture while clay soils will benefit from aeration that is caused by earthworms. Both soil types will obtain nutrients as organic mulch will break down.

Question #3: How much mulch would a flower bed need?

Most garden should strive to add one to four inches of mulch on their flowerbeds. Anything more than four inches will cause fungal disease. Another factor that depends on whether you use one to four inches of mulch is the particle size. Also use less mulch if you are using sawdust or more mulch if you are using straw.

Question #4: Where can I get cheap mulch?

Some of the best places where you can find cheap mulch includes your local utility company that could offer you what remains from the tree trimming activities that they carry out. Some gardeners have been known to look through coffee shop dumpsters, neighborhood curbs for leaf bags as well as muck stables to find mulch for their flower gardens.

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