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4 Books on Garden Design

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As more people know that learning how to build a garden usually involves getting your hands dirty and learning from mistakes – year after year.

However, there are books on garden design that can not only give you ideas as to how you can build a garden but also put it into practice as well.

So, here are 4 books on garden design that can influence your skills greatly:

#1: A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
Prepared by the American Horticultural Society, one can find almost any answer to the questions they might have about pruning, growing or even how large a plant in particular is expected to grow. Without a doubt, this book deserves to be in any gardener’s library.

#2: Armitage’s Garden Perennials
Written by Dr. Allan Armitage, and based on his personal experience in growing perennials, this is another must-have book because he does have a substantial amount of experience in growing them. Simply put, it’s much more than a book where the features and facts of plants are listen but specific advice on how to grow the toughest perennials.

#3: Gardening for Dummies
This book has been written, as the title suggests, for beginners. It covers the basics such as choosing plants, zones, pruning, weeding and so on and so forth. It must also be mentioned that the section on pesticides is the easiest for beginners to understand while also providing the motivation required to get going on that new garden of theirs.

#4: The Gardener’s Palette – Creating Color in the Garden
With the number of colors available to the rookie gardener, there’s no greater satisfaction than being able to combine them and is regarded as a gardening art form. Sydney Ellison’s book ‘The Gardener’s Palette’ offers tips for every gardener to do just that with their own garden.

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