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10 Money saving landscaping tips

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landscapegardenideaA well organized garden can relax even the stressed mind. However, enlisting a professional landscaper can be expensive. Here are some simple money saving landscaping tips that will get you the garden of your dreams.

Plan before you buy – First draw out your garden on your computer or on a piece of paper. Include all size dimensions, to give you a clear idea of your space. Then start deciding what you would like to put where.

Design – Decide on the type of garden you want (modern, contemporary etc). You should have a look at magazines or the internet for inspiration.

Buy in small quantities – Start off with designing one section and then move on to the next. This will make the project more manageable, more affordable and help you use funds/ items you have on hand.

Cheaper is not always better – If you’re investing your money make sure you purchase good quality garden equipment. This will make your gardening a lot easier and save you money, since good quality equipment will last alot longer.

Time your purchases – If your looking to buy wood for outdoor projects, buy them in the winter as they are cheaper. When buying trees, shrubs, perennials, soil by them late in the season. Try not to rush and buy new varieties of plants, since they will cost more initially

Shop online – for pots, racking and plant stands, look for them online. There are many stores that will sell you these items online for a fraction of the cost.

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